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Modern living aspires to feelings of openness, space and light. Green World Windows 6800 Series Multi-Slide Doors and Windows are the epitome of design and functionality. While in the closed position, our Multi-Slide systems are aesthetically pleasing with their narrow sightlines and enormous expanses of glass. Customers love the bold vertical lines and massive panel size options. No stacking door system is better for capturing a custom view. However, we know the real reason you will love our Multi-Slide products: they disappear. Every panel can slide and stack to the side, opening entire rooms to the gorgeous weather while you entertain. Go ahead, impress your friends and let Green World Windows moving walls of glass open your world.  

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  • Unlimited configurations and widths. Our Multi-Slide Stacking Doors can be built as wide as your project needs. Dream big. Rolling panels can be stored in pockets or stacked at one or both ends of the opening.

  • Panels can bi-part at 90 degrees, 180 degrees or any angle in-between.

  • Panels are available up to a 12’ height, and width and heights can be mixed and matched to create a massive 60-square-foot panels.

  • Multi-Slide Doors or Windows that are stored in pockets are designed to be totally flush with adjacent wall finishes, providing an unobstructed view of your patio, pool or landscape.

  • Door panels open with ease with the option of Green World Windows  heavy duty steel ball bearing “Monster Roller'.

  • The modular frame design of our stacking system allows you to configure any number of rolling or fixed glass panels to meet your design.

  • True to our design intent, everything from handle hardware to track details are clean, minimal and deliberately disappear.

  • Head and threshold assemblies of pocket doors are prepared to precisely locate field-applied interior and exterior post-interlock members to ensure a full interlock and clean installation.

  • Green World Windows Medium Stile has a 2.5” interlock that provides additional rigidity and strength while maintaining a clean, modern look and minimal sightline.

  • Multi-Slide Doors and Windows can be prepped for motorization to allow customers to close and open the doors with the touch of a button.

1-Point Lock

1-Point  Lock 

Hinge with handle




Stand: Frame Colors - Interior and exterior colors must be the same.


Capstock:Capstock Colors exterior,interior is white.

Hunter GreenChocolateBronzeBlue
Hunter GreenChocolateBronzeBlue

All-Capstock: Capstock Colors exterior and interior.


Actual Effect

Obscure-GreenWorld’s obscure glass gives privacy and style for windows and doors throughout your home, and is ideal for locations requiring more privacy such as bathrooms.


Standards - CR Windows  meets the following standards.



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