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Bi-fold glass door

Modern living aspires to feelings of openness, space and light. ATN Top Hung Bi-Fold doors can utilize expansive areas of glass and bring the outdoor environment into the living space of the home. Configured from two to eight panels, Bi-Fold doors use an extruded aluminum track to fold smoothly to one side, stylishly and effortlessly connecting your space to the outdoors or to another room.

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  •   True indoor/outdoor luxury living.

  •   Panels move easily on extruded aluminum track and gather neatly to side to economize space

  •   Elite hardware system created specifically for folding doors

  •   White, Almond and Cap-Stock Bronze are standard color

  •   Doors available in both inswing and outswing configurations

  •   Strong Profiles: Perimeter frame, rails and stiles are box sections for added strength. Rails are wide and chunky for a truly solid appearance. Heavy duty Top Hung rails can also be supplied for added impact.

  •   Uniformity: For continuity of style and sightlines, bi-fold rails match those of panels.

  •   Vinyl Panel provides much better energy efficient.

  •   Multitude of glass options available.

  •   Safety Glass: Doors, fixed panels next to doors and full height fixed glazing require grade ‘A’ safety glass.

  •   Double or Triple pane glazing: Keep the cold out in winter with 1-1/8” hermetically sealed insulating glass.

Multi-Point Lock

Top Hung Roller SetSill Roller Guide


Stand: Frame Colors - Interior and exterior colors must be the same.


Capstock:Capstock Colors exterior,interior is white.

Hunter GreenChocolateBronzeBlue
Hunter GreenChocolateBronzeBlue

All-Capstock: Capstock Colors exterior and interior.


Actual Effect

Obscure-GreenWorld’s obscure glass gives privacy and style for windows and doors throughout your home, and is ideal for locations requiring more privacy such as bathrooms.


Standards - CR Windows  meets the following standards.




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