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Bay Windows

Bay windows are composed of three or more individual units that dramatically extend from your home; the center unit is parallel to the exterior wall with side or flanking units aligned at 30- or 45-degree angles. 

Bay windows bring in more light and give you a feeling of luxury and elegance to a room.

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Outside View

  • 3 1/4' frame depth and designed with brick mold detail and even sight line frame designed to be symmetrical.
     Precision-mitered, fusion-welded frame corners are smooth and permanently weather-tight.

  •  Multi-Chambered frame and dual wall retrofit fin provide better thermo insulation, structural strength and easy installation.

  •  Aluminum reinforced meeting rail and interlock provide a lifetime of security and strength.

  •  Dual pane 3/4' I.G. glass unit provide superior energy efficiency and noise reduction.

  •  Fin-seal weather stripping for air and water resistance.

  •  Available in white and almond and also available in power wall.

  •  5/8' flat grids and 1' sculptured grids available on request.


Auto Lock



Manual Lock


Screen Spring


Stand : Frame Colors - Interior and exterior colors must be the same.


Obscure-GreenWorld’s obscure glass gives privacy and style for windows and doors throughout your home, and is ideal for locations requiring more privacy such as bathrooms.


Standards -Green World Windows  meets the following standards.



Grid Types -You can choose from 5/8” flat grids to give you the most viewing area, or 1” sculptured grids, which will add a rich architectural detail to your windows. There are many patterns available, and maybe even some that you could create.

Possible Combinations


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